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The Ute – Australia’s very own vehicle

6 August 2014

The Ute is a peculiarly Australian institution. Visitors from overseas have a hard time grasping the emotional connection many Australians have with their utes, and the popularity of the vehicle is certainly closely connected to the Australian way of life, whether it’s the farmer with his cattle dog or kelpie in the back, or the […]

Car video games – anything like the real thing?

6 August 2014

Car driving video games are big business – just check out the huge listing of different car-based computer games on Wikipedia. They may be fun, but are they anything like driving the real thing? The short answer is – of course – no, but they are getting better. Those presenters on that well known car […]

The risk of selling your car privately

13 July 2014

Before you came and visited us at Carswanted, you must have toyed with the idea of selling your car privately. Cleaning it up, fixing any major faults and covering up little scratches and swirls. After taking that picture perfect shot and putting it online, you will come to deal with a string of potential buyers. […]

Demystifying The Car Purchasing Process

1 July 2014

It’s only natural customers get a little anxious when it comes to cars-for-cash businesses. Often people see it as a quick and easy solution to offload their old car, and compromising the best possible price they could get for it. At Carswanted we are transparent with how we evaluate your car, and by doing so […]

Love Cars? Get Along To A Car Event

29 April 2014

For some of us, cars are far from just a method of transportation. For car lovers, we can decide upon a car ignoring all rationality of fuel consumption, resale value or maintenance cost, because if you love that car, you’ll want it regardless. It is natural to have a favourite brand or model of cars, […]

Maintaining A Sellable Car

29 April 2014

If you are reading this, chances are you have at least some intention on buying or selling a car. Often upon deciding to sell, people desperately buff out the scratches on the bumper, or buy air fresheners in hope no one notices that rattle coming from the exhaust. This can all be avoided simply by […]

Popular Cars Hold Their Value

20 March 2014

Each year, hundreds of new cars are put under the microscope as they withstand rigorous testing, with the results being published on Australia’s Best Cars website.

Keeping Your Car in Great Condition

20 March 2014

You’re not quite ready to sell your vehicle but it’s on the horizon. You’ve decided it’s about time you actually started to take proper care of your current vehicle so you can confidently say it’s been well cared for come sale time.

Latest Trends in the Car Industry

20 March 2014

Car buyers should always be aware of whatÂ’s trending and what might trend in the future, because by doing so you can drastically improve your carÂ’s resale value and maintenance cost depending what car you buy.

Top rules for Selling Your Car Legally

9 March 2014

You’ve owned your car for a number of years and you’ve now decided it’s time for an upgrade. It’s in great condition despite the faint smell of coffee from when you didn’t see that speed bump, there’s a light layering of dog fur on the backseat…and of course the small ding from that time someone […]