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Love Cars? Get Along To A Car Event

For some of us, cars are far from just a method of transportation. For car lovers, we can decide upon a car ignoring all rationality of fuel consumption, resale value or maintenance cost, because if you love that car, you’ll want it regardless. It is natural to have a favourite brand or model of cars, and when you do, sharing this passion with like minded others is a great way to embrace it.

All across Australia, there are countless forums, groups and car meets in different styles, categories and purpose. Contrary to media or popular belief, plenty of existing car meets are civil, safety conscious and family friendly. Drivers attend with their pride and joy to wow others or even perhaps sell and trade with fellow enthusiasts, knowing it will go to a good home. Aside from car shows there are plenty of cruises that you could attend. They travel to and from set destinations, talking on UB radios and stopping for catch­ups in between.

Many of these social events you may find are populated with friendly people with vast knowledge of their respective brand or models. So if you are interested in stepping foot into the world of car enthusiasts, keep reading.


Forums are a great way to introduce yourself and your car in anonymity. Keeping anonymous to some degree is recommended before getting to know fellow members through forum commenting and messaging, just to get the vibe of the place. If it’s not for you then move on to the next forum, and if you feel good about the people on this forum it won’t hurt to attend their next car meet.

Popular forums

Local Car Shows

Many car shows are family friendly events with a tonne of networking and also a good opportunity for some car photography. You’ll find rare collectables and prized possessions, even by catching a glimpse of it will be a thrill.

Upcoming Events

  • 4th May 2014, All American Muscle Car Show 2014 – Memorial Park, The Entrance NSW
  • 10th May 2014, Bundaberg All Holden Day & Swap Meet 2014 – Bundaberg QLD
  • 25th May 2014, VW Nationals 2014 – Fairfield City Showgrounds, Prairewood NSW

For more info and lists of other events nationwide, visit Love of Cars or Cruzin
Here are some final words of wisdom before setting foot into this culture of automotive enthusiasts.

Don’t Be That Guy

Don’t be the one who drives in with cheap mods, blasting music thinking this is Fast and the Furious. Certainly don’t do anything that will attract the attention of the police. The police are often targeting car groups for a quick fine for mindlessly revving your engine, donuts, burnouts or illegal mods. By doing so you might just ruin the day for everyone else and be sent adrift by your potential new friends.

Be Whom You’d Like To Meet

If you’d like to meet a kind and friendly fellow enthusiast, be kind and friendly and don’t be afraid to share your own knowledge as well as be genuinely curious. Nobody likes a know­it­all. This is a community and it’s about exchanging stories and knowledge. Sure there’ll be people who didn’t read this blog and be that guy you didn’t want to meet.

That’s ok, move on and find people more like minded as you. By attending regularly and contributing towards the community you’ll soon find yourself flourished with new friends who are passionate and loving to the same engine and panels as you are.


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