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We’ll buy your car for cash today!

Get “cash for my car” in Brisbane. Receive a fair price while avoiding the risks and hassles associated with dealer and private sales.  We provide instant cash valuations for your 20052017 model cars, vans or 4×4’s. Get your valuation online or over the phone now (call 1300 722 809).

Once a price is agreed, we will come to you – obligation free – to confirm your offer. When you have the cash in your hand or cleared funds in you account, only then will we collect the car.

Sell my car Peregian Beach

Kellie sold her car to Cars Wanted in Peregian Beach

2 Steps and it’s Sold!

  1. Call us for an over-the-phone quote (1300 722 809), or fill in the form above to receive a written valuation via email and SMS.
  2. Call, email or SMS to arrange a free inspection to confirm your valuation. Should you choose to accept, we’ll pay you cash or clear funds on the spot.

Sell My Car Brisbane

We are licensed car dealers (our licence number is 3950992 and our registered Licence Holder name is Ton Hoang Wholesale) so by law there is no requirement for you to provide a roadworthy or safety certificate. In fact, whether you are selling a car, commercial vehicle or 4×4 to us, you don’t need to waste time and money preparing your vehicle in any way whatsoever, leave that to us!

Sell my car on the Gold Coast

Matthew on the Gold Coast sold his car to Cars Wanted

Getting your money

Bottom line, we do precisely what we claim above: obligation free valuations, no fees whatsoever, we come to your home or office within 60 minutes (where possible) and can give cash on the spot or clear funds in your bank account before we collect your car.

Drivers licence and registration docs

We need to sight these to verify your identity and prove that you own the vehicle. If these are misplaced or irrelevant, please call to discuss the situation: 1300 722 809.

Vehicle Identity Number ( VIN )

When the quoting process proceeds to an agreed sale, we will request your vehicle’s VIN for an online security title check. The Vehicle Identification Number is 17 character in length and is printed on your registration certificate and build plates. Call us on 1300 722 809 if you require assistance.

Finance payouts

Our team are trained to handle all aspects of finalising your loan. Simply request a payout then call us to discuss.

We buy classic and unique cars

Andy loves classic cars, so call him direct on 0419 569 005 for a chat about your car.

Websites that lie about paying cash & hidden fees

For the record: This website, carswanted.com.au, was Australia’s first established online car buying entity. All similar ones are copies or morphed from this original concept, however only our competitors can take ownership of telling porky-pies about the ability to make literal cash payments and concealing unfair charges. We encourage all potential sellers who are considering using our kind of service to read the payment process very carefully and if you can’t find it on their website, call them and request information.

The money trick: Prompted by sellers who claimed they were misled by a number of similar businesses, we researched similar entities offering to pay instant cash. Turns out roughly 90% of those advertising to pay cash on the spot are simply lying on Google and in their websites or to be generous, using a little poetic licence (and sometimes a lot). So if you are actually wanting physical cash at the point of sale without having the proceeds reduced by admin or cancellation fees, then the only thing which pays is to call ahead and grill them!

The hidden fees: Here are three bizarre examples. Two are from some of the wealthiest dealerships in the country, in fact one of them is a global brand. The first little trick, hidden in their terms and conditions, is an illusional sliding scale admin fee for every car purchased. It goes something like this: a $66 admin fee is applied to cars valued from $0 to $499 and this increases incrementally to a maximum of $250 for vehicle $80,000 and up.

The second from the same dealer, is a charge of $44 to have your bank transfer sped up from 3 days to 24-hours. So an insane example would be someone who has a car valued at $100 and wants payment in 24-hours. Well, it would make no difference how soon the payment would arrive because it never will if you consider the charges extinguish the lot. And of course, this example is ridiculous but look at it this way: the dealer makes a profit when he sells the vehicle but this way he makes profit the moment he buys it. It’s just greedy!

Lastly we have a dealer who charges $500 in the event you change your mind. In other words, they have you sign a buying contract but down the very bottom in tiny 6 point letters there is a clause that states if you wish to rescind the agreement, you agree to pay them a $500 cancellation fee. And don’t  think you can just ignore them because they can’t or won’t enforce it. Just below the cancellation clause is another which entitles them to register a security interest with the PPSR and this mean you can’t sell it until the interest is removed. It’s not as if the dealer has incurred any real costs, so it’s simply a rip-off!

And how do we know these things? Well because we have bought cars from people unlucky enough to have paid the $500 cancellation fee and they willingly provided a copy of the actual agreements to us, to prove the rip-off! And as for the dealer with the insane fees, it’s on the net and if you want the address, just ask: 1300 722 809.

Cars Wanted Brisbane

We were the first and accordingly we are the oldest online cash for cars website in Brisbane. 

We are well aware you have several selling alternatives to sell my car Brisbane so we will always offer you the highest appraisal we possible can – and make everything as easy as possible for you!

We’ll go the extra mile to get your business because without it we have none.

Another happy dance from a Cars Wanted customer

Another happy dance from a Cars Wanted customer

We come to you anywhere 

Once an offer is agreed in principle, we come to your home, business or location to inspect & confirm your valuation obligation free!


CBD, Northside, Southside, Eastern & Western suburbs, Redland City, Logan City, Moreton Bay Region, Logan City, Ipswich City & rural & everywhere else.

Central Queensland Coast

Hervey Bay, Bundaberg, Gladstone, Rockhampton, Mackay & everywhere else.

Far North Queensland

Bowen, Cairns, Port Douglas, Cook Town & Atherton & everywhere else.

Regional Areas

Mt Isa, Emerald, Longreach & everywhere else.

Over twenty years we’ve bought thousands cars from all over Queensland & we’d love love to put your town on our map soon!