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Maintaining A Sellable Car

If you are reading this, chances are you have at least some intention on buying or selling a car. Often upon deciding to sell, people desperately buff out the scratches on the bumper, or buy air fresheners in hope no one notices that rattle coming from the exhaust. This can all be avoided simply by taking of your own property during ownership. Here are some minimal tips to keep your car nice and sellable.

Regular servicing

Without regular servicing, your car may eventually result to larger mechanical failure in the long run. Before your car goes on the market, all this will show up during your roadworthy check. So instead of avoiding fixing or replacing parts when needed, you should really stay abreast of issues as they arise. Regular servicing also comes with a service logbook that many buyers like to check before buying. It’s a peace of mind knowing your car was actually looked after.

Finding a good mechanic is like finding a good hairdresser. Sure they are presumably all qualified to do the task, but we want someone we can trust to deliver time and time again. Therefore finding a good mechanic is half the battle. Shop around, read websites and reviews, or ask if anyone knows a good mechanic. Word of mouth is a powerful ally in finding good services.

Avoid sunlight

The harsh Australian sun does no favours for a car’s paintjob. In time, the clear coat will fade and permanently damage the paint. For potential buyers, this is the first thing they’ll notice and criticise. Aside from paint, the plastic or leather interior of your car may crack or expand over time, neither of which are cheap to fix.

Make sure, if you have the chance, park in an indoor garage, if not perhaps a car cover, or at the very least under a tree.

Clean your car

If you wash your car every couple of weeks, you’ll less likely to resent it and crave for a new car. When you’re ready to sell, it is a good idea to get it professionally cleaned. There are services that buff your car to a new layer of clear coat, which makes the vehicle look brand new.

Don’t be taking care of your car in the last days of owning it. Why not enjoy your car in the best shape it could be? By having a well ­maintained and clean car, you might even hold off on buying a new car, and that’s the real saving.