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Popular Cars Hold Their Value

Each year, hundreds of new cars are put under the microscope as they withstand rigorous testing, with the results being published on Australia’s Best Cars website.

So how it works is over 12 months, twelve judges assess each vehicle, which is placed within a relevant category, against three areas:

  • Value for money
  • Design and function
  • On the road performance.

There’s up to eight criteria, which is given a score between 1 and 10, with 10 being the best score possible (*Off Road Ability for 2WD vehicles is scored differently).

Example criteria include:

  • Running and repair costs
  • Depreciation
  • Vehicle features
  • Environmental performance.

Australia’s Best Cars

Following months of trials and combining research and industry information, the favourites were:

The Ford Territory TX 2WD received top marks for ‘Cost of depreciation’, ‘Comfort’, ‘Space’, ‘Smoothness & Quietness’ and 8/10 for ‘Running & repair costs’ making it a good choice of vehicle for not only general day to day use, but also when it comes time to sell your car.

Meanwhile, the Mazda6 won the Judges Choice 2013 Award, with the Australia’s Best Cars website stating:

…To be considered for the Judges choice it must have the highest safety score, low fuel consumption with a green vehicle guide rating of 3.5 stars or more, and be priced below the luxury tax threshold. This third generation Mazda6 is all new embracing the full range of high strength, low weight bodywork, refined suspension and Mazda’s high efficiency “Skyactive” powertrain technology.

Popular Used Cars

Not only do these popular brands and models score well with the Australia’s Best Cars judging panel, the team at Carswanted are only too happy to purchase your car, whether it’s a Toyota or Ford.

“We look for cars that are generally no more than 10 years old – with the exception for some cars that may be classic models, extremely low mileage or cars that are unique – brands such as Toyota, Mazda and Ford, because they are popular cars, they hold their value,” explains Carswanted TITLE, NAME.

So if you’re considering selling your car and looking to upgrade, it pays to do a little research prior to making that purchase.

Take the hassle out of selling your car and call Carswanted on 1300 926 833. You don’t need to detail your car, or even require a roadworthy or safety certificate – simply fill out the online form for a quick and hassle free indicative offer – click here to get started!