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If you’re selling a car & want a fair cash price fast without hassles, then we can help. With over 30 years’ experience & tens of thousands of purchases, carswanted.com.au is Australia’s first and longest serving cash for cars website.

Want to sell your car today?

We’ll buy your car today, tomorrow or whenever convenient for you. Simply fill in the web form above & a human will forward a written cash offer via SMS & email or call 1300 926 833 for an over-the-phone valuation. While we do our very best to provide an accurate appraisal, all offers to this point are sight-unseen & can only be confirmed upon inspection.

Want to sell your car online fast & for cash?

If you want to sell fast online for a fair price & without the risks & hassles of private sales, then we can help. Once an online or over-the-phone valuation is agreed in principle, we’ll come to you, obligation free, anywhere in Australia & buy your car for cash, usually within an hour or whenever suits you. Bottom line, we can value, buy & collect your car faster than any competitor or private sale & best of all, no fees whatsoever & you get paid before you hand over the keys.

Where’s the best place & time to sell my car?

We think the best place to sell your car is in the comfort, security and convenience of your own space & at a time suited to you. We come to your home or business to inspect, confirm & finalise your sale. We carry all necessary paperwork & once onsite, we can complete the sale within 15 mins.

How much is my car worth?

Cars are worth the most you can get, when you want to sell. Our free valuation system provides indicative trade valuations for most cars, vans & 4×4’s between 2003 & 2016. However, If you’re wanting to sell a car which is older such as a classic or unique vehicle, please call us to see if we can help. With these as obvious exceptions, most valuations are subject to kilometres travelled, general condition and model popularity.

Do you buy financed vehicle?

Absolutely. We buy thousands of vehicles every year which are subject to loan agreements. All thats needed is for you to contact your financier and request the current balance in writing & most will provide an official payout letter via email within 24 hours.

If the amount owing is less than your appraisal, we pay the entire amount owing directly to your lender & the balance is paid to you in cash or EFT, you choose.

In the case where your valuation is not sufficient to cover the amount owing, you will need to have the difference (gap) at the point of sale. In both circumstances the lender must be paid in full in order to finalise a sale.

We buy cars Australia-wide & we come to you!

We come to your home or business to inspect, confirm and complete your sale anywhere & everywhere in Australia & that’s a fact.