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Demystifying The Car Purchasing Process

It’s only natural customers get a little anxious when it comes to cars-for-cash businesses. Often people see it as a quick and easy solution to offload their old car, and compromising the best possible price they could get for it. At Carswanted we are transparent with how we evaluate your car, and by doing so we break it down to the following three areas.

Glass Guide

We purchase data from Glass Guide to gauge a better comparative value of the vehicle, especially for rarer and less traded cars. However the guide is not always spot on, that’s why we cross check with other valuing methods.

Compare Trade

We ourselves have a huge database of previously traded and sold cars, and more often than not these cars tend to be similar makes and models. We will reference and compare your car to what we have sold in the past to give a fair and accurate trade value of the vehicle.

Manual Inspection

The trained professionals at Carswanted can do a quick inspection of your vehicle and compare it to other major auction houses and private sellers. Sometimes your car may have an especially valuable aspect that makes it stand out, such as low mileage or nearmint paint job.

Other Factors to Consider

Some factors that can detract from a valuation include body damage, poor mechanical and general condition or a written-off status. Things that may increase an appraisal are extras or improvements such as a sunroof, aftermarket alloy wheels or navigational equipment. Other significant variants are registration expiry, availability of service history, age (lesser or older than 10 years) and popularity of the vehicle, because some cars simple don’t sell?as easy.

Written-off Status

This is when the car was previously damaged and assessed as uneconomical to repair by insurers. Once a vehicle is recorded on the government register (PPSR) as a repairable write-off, it can only be reregistered once it passes a safety inspection and a written off vehicle inspection. Although legal and safe to own, there’s not a lot of people in the market for vehicles which have been previously written-off and subsequently re-registered. These vehicles carry a written-off warning and notification for the remainder of their ‘register-able’ life. Valuations for vehicles, which are recorded as repairable write-offs, are generally 50 percent less than those without a status.

Getting an Accurate Appraisal

The more you tell us about your car the better your valuation will be. The items mentioned above can be detailed in users comments located within our ‘ instant offer ‘ web form. The best advice is to do some basic research to get a rough idea on what your car is worth. Peace of mind comes from your own satisfaction of the situation.