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We buy cars, 4x4 or commercial for cash today

1. Get an offer

You can get an instant email or SMS cash for your car offer by
completing our web form or call 1300 722 809
to speak with an appraisal consultant in your area.

2. Confirm your offer

Simply callemail or SMS to arrange an inspection.

3. Complete the sale

Once inspected and valuation confirmed, our consultant will complete paperwork, arrange collection and pay you cash for your car on the spot. It’s that simple!

Required documents: at the point of sale you will need your driver’s license and registration certificate, If possible, please also provide service/log books, second key and any additional repair receipts.

Financed vehicles: you will need a payout letter from the lending institution stating the payout figure, validity date and payment method (e.g. Bpay or EFT details).

What we buy and where

We come to you and pay cash for your car, commercials, SUV’s, light trucks and 4×4‘sup to 12 years old and almost anywhere in your state or territory.

About the hassle free Cars Wanted service

Launched in 1997 by Andrew Nischler & Warren Johns, was the world’s first dedicated online cash for cars website.

Our sole objective is to provide an alternative means of selling your car quickly or even instantly without the hassles and security issues associated with private sales.

There are no catches or hidden costs when you choose to sell through carswanted. Simply, you submit your vehicles details and a genuine indicative cash offer will be emailed or messaged.

If you choose to accept our offer, we come to you and complete the sale within as little as an hour. Of course regional areas may take a bit longer.

Receive cash for your car on all purchases, or clear funds at bank and prior to you handing over the keys. This way payment is guaranteed.

Cash for your car

Paying cash

The Cars Wanted stress free process

Making your sale stress free should be a core principle for any online service. We keep the selling process simple with an easy to fill out web form.

No need to imputing complicated vehicle identification numbers which are often hard to locate or difficult to access. We assign you with a personal buying consultant to guide you through our process.

Our representatives are professionally trained and licensed to handle all aspects of your sale including valuations, logistics, finance payouts and payments.

There’s nothing more frustrating than being hand-balled from a consultant to a valuer and back again.

Peace of mind

If you are asking yourself ‘where can I sell my car securely and with peace of mind?‘, then there are a number of issues to consider.

For most of us selling your car is not the most exciting prospect and the trick
is to get it sold in the shortest time and for the best possible price.

While it’s reasonable to assume you should achieve your maximum selling privately, there are a number of associated risks, which are worth weighing up.

The obvious ones are stranger danger, Internet payment scams and your time. While all of these are real, it’s unfair to use these points as scare tactics in order to promote our service.

Most sellers who use a service like ours want the benefits of a quick, safe and fair sale. Although getting the best price for your car should be at a premium, it’s always worth comparing a competitive cash offer which eliminates the pitfalls of private sales.

No matter which way you choose to sell, weighing up a private sale verses an instant cash offer from carswanted will cost you nothing and provide peace of mind.

Things that can increase your valuation

1)      Spare key
2)      Service books and manuals
3)      Any significant repair receipts

Regional customers

For the past 15 years Cars Wanted has been purchasing vehicles from regional districts. Although metropolitan based, we have refined a process to deliver excellent service to our rural customers. For any specific questions please don’t hesitate to call us on 1300 722 809.

Our promise

The internet has made the world a smaller place to do business and in doing so has provided you with many alternative means of selling your car. We recognise this and understand that in order to get your business we need to offer you the very best price we possibly can. Our promise is to offer a professional personalized selling experience, a fair price and guaranteed payment. So please fill out the red form and receive a genuine obligation free cash offer, we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Team Cars Wanted.


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