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We continually receive complaints or rather requests for clarification concerning the use of the term ‘cash for cars‘. It seems this common urban collection of words has two completely separate interpretations. Who knew?

The majority of online cash for cars companies, including yours truly, use this expression on Google to attract sellers wanting to sell cars, 4X4’s, vans and light trucks. On the face of, it the placement of this phrase is practical and poignant in conveying cash is paid for the sellers vehicle by the advertiser.

This is generally a gross inaccuracy and is almost certainly misleading at best, and at worst a blatant lie.

As covered by one of our bloggers, most companies advertising cash for cars actually mean cheque or electronic transfer for your car. The real problem is that most sellers only become aware of this once a price is agreed. Furthermore there seems to be little attempt from these companies to conceal the fact they actually don’t pay cash at all.

After browsing the websites of our competitors we found that the true payment method, cheque or EFT, was clearly defined.  Before accepting a price for your car, we strongly encourage you to thoroughly investigate whether or not cash is truly offered.

If you actually want the proceeds of your sale to be in cash then insist this is your preferred payment method before agreeing to an inspection or sale pricCash for carse.

And of course, we pay CASH FOR CARS, literally!


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