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Online Car Valuations

Fast online car valuations for vehicles manufactured between 2004 to 2016.

x How it Works

We provide an fast online car valuations for customers all over Australia. Simply tell us about your car and you will receive an indicative offer by text and SMS in minutes.

We value cars and commercial vehicles based on age, condition and demand. Once you submit the details of your vehicle to us you will receive an offer via SMS and email. This figure is based on industry data, demand and the information you have supplied.

How Do We Calculate Online Car Valuations?

There are a few things that we will need to clarify with you further before agreeing on a final price:

Distance your vehicle has travelled – If you vehicle’s odometer reading is above or below the average for it’s age, this will affect the price. Customer’s online car valuations are calculated more favourably for a vehicle that has travelled well below the average kilometres for the year of manufacture.

Condition of the vehicle and service history –  The condition of the paint and panels has significant impact when we generate online car valuations. The less we need to fix, the more we can pay for your car. Equally as important is the vehicle’s service history. A car buyer will always want to know the vehicle they are inspecting has been maintained mechanically in accordance with manufacturer reccomendations. If the interior is clean and free from damage and stains, it always improves the price we can offer.

Completeness of the car – Do you have everything that came with the car when it was sold? This includes the spare tyre (if fitted), jack and any tools. Having no, or incomplete logbooks does impact the value of your car. Another very important factor that affects online car valuations is if you still have the original number of keys (usually two). These are very expensive to replace.

The Benefit of Using Cars Wanted for Online Car Valuations

We come to you anywhere within Australia at no charge and without obligation. Selling your car through Carswanted eliminates the traditional hassles associated with selling privately. All you need to do is complete our simple form or call us on 1300 722 809. Team Cars Wanted