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Car Buyers  

Car buyers come in all shapes and sizes. The majority fall into 2 categories, those window shopping, and those seriously looking to purchase.  Both are buyers, but each group has a very different time frame and motivation.  When searching for a buyer, you will deal with both groups, spending a large amount of time and effort in an attempt to differentiate the two.

Sell my car Peregian Beach - car buyers

Kellie sold her car to Cars Wanted in Peregian Beach

We Australians have diversified our buying habits, particularly as technology broadens our ability to canvas buyers from outside our usual geographical realms. Arguably the biggest advantage of the Internet in respect to car buyers and sellers is communication.  Online technology enables both parties to discuss those sometimes confronting issues such as price without having to leave the comfort of home.

If you have an unlimited time and resources dedicated to finding a buyer willing to pay retail values, then our service is probably not suited to your needs.  However, if you required a fair price that is delivered securely and in a reasonable or immediate time frame then look no further.

We are car buyers, our buying service removes the hassles and inconvenience.  We make an instant decision regardless of the make or model. It’s worth mentioning that our offer is not subject to obtaining finance, roadworthy certificate’s or any of the usual hassles associated with private sales.

It is as simple as this: once both parties agree on a price, the payment is made and the car is collected.

We aim to constantly increase our level of service and convenience.  Our recent updates allow our buying consultants to respond to you enquiries not only via email, but also through text message.  You pick whichever method of correspondence is preferable for you.

In some rare circumstances, we cannot guarantee the purchase of every vehicle. However, we will advise you of a model’s ineligibility shortly after receiving your initial enquiry.

With nothing to lose and a genuine cash offer to gain, fill out our valuation form and let us alleviate the stress and time of finding a suitable buyer.

Should you have any questions regarding our service please email us or call 1300 722 809 or message our buying consultant in your state.

Team Cars Wanted.